Stars- 2nd Draft

  They waltz along the milky way, their bodies becoming twinkling spectators of the night’s picturesque. Where, under galaxy’s beat they partner in tune, serenading to the big dipper, spooning by the moon. They are artists of the astrologer’s telescope, portraits of comet’s face, they are ethereal birth leaving mementos of heaven. Copyright © 2017…… Continue reading Stars- 2nd Draft


In My Bedroom

In my bedroom, memories are scars that mutilate and the emancipation of disfigurement’s friend cannot be. Love’s presence is neither corporal or sentiment and the innocent child discards me. Dirt’s dispenser envelopes me, suffocates, and oozes from every damaged cell. It contaminates “could have been?” marking me used goods for sale. I wish I were…… Continue reading In My Bedroom