Halima – Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey (By WilliWash)

Halima my beautiful and inestimable gem My world exploded with joy when you came For we had prayed till our knees ached Albeit time saw that we are aged When you came,we threw out our rage For it was a new and bright page To the wind that jeered at us You are sunshine to […]…… Continue reading Halima – Mshinaram Warigon Ahrey (By WilliWash)


You Don’t See Me (By Speaking the Taboo)

Those searching eyes into which I fall clouded by film hardened cataracts You look but you don’t see in fact, will never see because your purified mind cannot perceive such pollution She hoped to cause a ripple not to slip through the gaps unseen, transparent untouched, apparent Don’t overlook me, I beg see beyond the…… Continue reading You Don’t See Me (By Speaking the Taboo)


The Best Partnership

You are both so natural The best partnership Like hearts to beats The perfect fit We fans are truly blessed for having been taught by the gifts you have bequeathed, love, loyalty, and friendship Masters of the soul, Lessons are spirited from your lips and with every single breath we learn what it means, to…… Continue reading The Best Partnership



Take the scenic route and waltz along the milky way, Become a twinkling spectator of the night’s picturesque, Under galaxy’s beat partner in tune, Serenade the big dipper and spoon by the moon, Show the art of an astrologer’s telescope, Create a portrait of a comet’s face, Let your ethereal birth leave mementos of heaven…… Continue reading Stars