There is an inherent gentleness in those soft blue waves of yours that caress, is transcendent, glows eternal and is blessed.

Your radiant smile is contagious.

Your laughter a sweet tune.

Your voice, beautiful and angelic like Debussy’s Clare de Lune.

Handsome cannot express what should be a sculpture in clay. An angel whispers walk in beauty, a wish you fulfill without delay.

Children’s voices should be drowned in butterfly laughter as they dance in fairy tales and fly through the sky on magic carousels. Five candles were too few to have my memories tarnished with darkness by a danger that sat at the dinner table. He stole my innocence and was so cold, so heartless.

But alas, there was no reason to despair, all hope I discovered was not lost. In you, I found a talent, a gift that was so rare. You have a natural ability to mask a child’s unbearable pain and dissolve it into thin air.

Igniting an everlasting sparkle in my eyes, you nurtured the flow of love through the years melting the fear in my heart, wiping away my lonely tears. When I set eyes upon the masterpiece that is your face, destroyed are the devil’s ambitions and carried away am I to a safe place.

Now someday I hope my unsuspecting heart will walk hand in hand merrily by the sea with my real love that finds me sitting beneath the sweetheart tree. Where light will make its home in my sight, shining eternally bright for the man that brings me happy memories and sets me free.

Copyright © 2017 Angela Marie Suor


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