Cradle my kisses nursery rhyme embracing a tenderness’ layer. My sensations wilted by touch, your fingertips orgasm’s player. A maker of infinite candles burning with desire, nurturing the soul’s creation in me, sexual ambition’s fortune to conspire. A creature of habit, capturing fervor’s bubble, gratification between the sheets, exotic skills rampant in my head. An invitation to satisfy your cravings, quench your taste buds, reach that peak, a body’s buffet in bed. Pass me another helping of lover’s delight. Foreboding restraints are bursting. Beads of hesitation are leaving me dry, my flower now thirsting. The relished juices of your manhood are dripping down my mouth. Dawdling south, I didn’t know your tongue could smile. You devilishly flirt, please let me see the menu again, I have room for dessert.

Copyright © 2017 Angela Marie Suor


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