I Want

I want:

your abderian~incessant laughter

your bohemian~carefree spirit

your chrysalis~protective covering

your demiurge~creative entity

your eleutherian~freedom giving

your felicity~intense happiness

your gargalesis~heavy tickling

your hardihood~boldness audacity

your incandescent~white hot passion

your jubilingo~positive words

your knackish~cunning crafty

your lullaby~soothing song

your malacophonous~soft-voiced

your nirvana~blown out quietude

your orenda~spiritual power

your plethora~spare abundance

your quaquaversal~exploding firework

your rhapsodic~intensely emotional

your succulent~juicy tasty

your talisman~magical charm

your ultroneous~spontaneous voluntary

your verecund~modest shy

your whippy~pliant supple

your xany~ludicrous buffoon

your yen~craving yearning

your zippy~brisk energy

Copyright © 2017 Angela Marie Suor


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