TV Character

Golden Man

Golden man,

You are a flower
that never dies,
a sensual hiccup.

I dream that your
arms are around me.

My bags are packed.
It is loneliness’
open season and my
days are amiss.

Where are you?
Shall we meet on
the park bench?

When you come I will let
my cheeks hold your palm.
Tracing my smile, a lullaby
for you in every line.

Your soul is a moving
picture that never moves
far, and your scenery
is always bliss.

Have you ever seen the mating
ritual of a wolf spider?
You should.
They dance!

We will promenade with
the grass beneath our toes,
and my lips will finally have
their say.

I ache to be your silver lady.
Won’t you give me a chance?

Honey, do not forget to bring
your pillow and blanket.

Copyright © 2017 Angela Marie Suor


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