First Kiss

Close your eyes!

Imagine Robert Taylor with Eleanor Parker in the movie ‘Valley of the Kings’, the scene where they first kiss.

Robert scans Eleanor’s package, his eyes fixed selectively on her insatiable treat as if she is the nearest thing to food, something to gorge himself with, a mouth-watering feast. As his taste buds threaten to commit suicide, his appetite pleads with him to hastily serve her up, super size. Grabbing her robustly with his utensils he thrusts her frantically toward his palate. His manipulation clawing into her shoulders so tight she looks as if she might crumble and flake, all stiffness in her body melting into creamy warm desire. As their jaws rise and fall in rhythmic motion; their lips clash, succumb, tongues in danger of being digested. With every savory bite, his sweetness is released, dripping sultrily down the corners of her face, a blending of exotic saliva. Finally, coming off together, he maneuvers the last bit of morsel down his throat, licking the remaining resonance of her flavor from his lips leaving her to hunger, while he is satisfied, having cleaned off all on his plate.

Now open your eyes. 

Don’t you wish you were that flapjack?

Copyright © 2017 Angela Marie Suor



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