The Best Partnership

You are both so natural
The best partnership
Like hearts to beats
The perfect fit

We fans are truly blessed for having
been taught by the gifts you have
love, loyalty, and friendship

Masters of the soul,
Lessons are spirited from your lips
and with every single breath we
learn what it means, to be infinite

The light of a million candles sparkles in
our eyes and students of dreams fulfilled
we become. On beams of vision, we ride, your
flawless talent our pathway to the stars, every
twinkle a direction sign that leads us to something
so rare, the beauty of your brotherhood, a bond,
the character of your blood.

As we circle the sun your warmth smiles upon us.
Flying on your chariots of respect and compassion with
every flicker of flame, we ascend further into what is
genuine, with dignity leading our way. And as we take
the sight of the earth below, enlightened we have now
become, our imagination has become something
more than a grasp’s wonder, it is something now
deliberate, with truths, we can dare to behold.

Parked on your angel’s wings, the score of your inspiration
is the melody to our ears and where fear once laid, belief’s
Symphony becomes bravery’s instrument. At last, reaching
our destination we graduate into moments of absolute
perfection only made possible because for the entire
journey we were doing something so magical,

sitting in front of our television.

Our achievement, understanding that though heaven is above, it has also always lived in our hearts in the form of two great men, Paul Michael Glaser and David Soul aka Starsky and Hutch.


Copyright © 2017 Angela Marie Suor



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