White Swan

Another poem from my e-book, “Scattered Musings”

Under clandestine moonlight, a white
swan skates pristine in peppery mist upon
a lavender pond.

She is sturdy like gold melted from cast iron
bludgeoned by rudhira fire, sans tainted

A riparian mirth, she has feathers that are
partially clothed in reflection of velvet
and trickle burnished within.

She is nature’s flower girl, nativity of
a smile and a Middle Age benediction.

She is a spiritual Hedge-Crosser, Hindu pearl
of chastity and matriarch of Hoomau Maua

She is a golden dawn heart with mystic flame and
quiet cool on a blusterous day.

She is immaculate, like bounties of emeralds and
sapphires glistening in the rolling hillsides of
a gentle folk shire.


Copyright © 2017 Angela Marie Suor


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