The Best Partnership

You are both so natural The best partnership Like hearts to beats The perfect fit We fans are truly blessed for having been taught by the gifts you have bequeathed, love, loyalty, and friendship Masters of the soul, Lessons are spirited from your lips and with every single breath we learn what it means, to…… Continue reading The Best Partnership


I Want

I want: your abderian~incessant laughter your bohemian~carefree spirit your chrysalis~protective covering your demiurge~creative entity your eleutherian~freedom giving your felicity~intense happiness your gargalesis~heavy tickling your hardihood~boldness audacity your incandescent~white hot passion your jubilingo~positive words your knackish~cunning crafty your lullaby~soothing song your malacophonous~soft-voiced your nirvana~blown out quietude your orenda~spiritual power your plethora~spare abundance your quaquaversal~exploding firework your…… Continue reading I Want