White Swan

Another poem from my e-book, “Scattered Musings” Under clandestine moonlight, a white swan skates pristine in peppery mist upon a lavender pond. She is sturdy like gold melted from cast iron bludgeoned by rudhira fire, sans tainted guile. A riparian mirth, she has feathers that are partially clothed in reflection of velvet and trickle burnished…… Continue reading White Swan



Take the scenic route and waltz along the milky way, Become a twinkling spectator of the night’s picturesque, Under galaxy’s beat partner in tune, Serenade the big dipper and spoon by the moon, Show the art of an astrologer’s telescope, Create a portrait of a comet’s face, Let your ethereal birth leave mementos of heaven…… Continue reading Stars


Show Me The Way

I did not ask for this ticket to ride where darkness sits still in my mind Where every train of hope derails Where past sins never rewind I did not ask for my mind’s betrayal Doubt at every speed bump A fast-forward unwilling passenger Satan turning every wheel My mind always wonders? Do you even…… Continue reading Show Me The Way