Show Me The Way

I did not ask for this ticket to ride where darkness sits still in my mind Where every train of hope derails Where past sins never rewind I did not ask for my mind’s betrayal Doubt at every speed bump A fast-forward unwilling passenger Satan turning every wheel My mind always wonders? Do you even…… Continue reading Show Me The Way

TV Character


Origami Spirit Brooding texture Cubed manic ad-lib Supernatural Picasso   Vajra Chopper “Blotted out” paintbrush Symbol of eight Poker-faced Paper Crane   Hamlet erosion Comedic repent Heaven’s war-torn Masked weaver bird   Mandolin grace totem Fly-by-night wings Constellation of never-ending plight   Glowing celestial monkey witty boomerang smile Vindicator of souls Stomach-turning love   Spiders…… Continue reading Castiel